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Riding the Wave


The Inspiring Journey of Creative Waves Foundation


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Our mission is to ensure that every student Creative Waves Foundation engages is afforded a top tier education setting the stage for success in all aspects of life. With this in mind, we prioritize student safety and security while nurturing growth and fostering dreams. All students have the potential to master the traditional academic subjects—reading, math, science. All students can learn from or advance new fields, such as the arts and technology. But not all students have the resources they need to do this. So Creative Waves Foundation raises funding to supply needed resources, providing a stable environment for learning and growth. With support for this urgent effort, Creative Waves can help launch dreams and afford generations of students bright new horizons.

My passion for service stems from my mother's unwavering dedication to education. Candace Tamposi was not only an educator for over thirty years, but also served as the principal of my elementary and middle school. She always went above and beyond to provide her students with programs that prioritized the arts, despite budget constraints. Witnessing her commitment to education and the arts inspired me to establish the Creative Waves Foundation, with the mission of supporting underprivileged school systems and preserving music programs that would otherwise be cut. By providing resources and opportunities for artistic expression, we hope to make a meaningful impact on the lives of students and empower them to achieve their full potential.

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Behind the Barell

Ali Tamposi

Candy Tamposi

2019 by

Ali Tamposi

Since its inception in 2019, Creative Waves has:

Donated a music room to the Belle Glade Child Development Community Center for their new Enrichment Center that serves the impoverished, migrant-worker, sugarcane community.

Provided financial support to Cristo Rey Schools by underwriting an alum, Isis Ferreira, who recently completed her educational studies at Barry University and will be bringing her teaching talents back to Cristo Rey High School.

Gifted members of Young Singers Palm Beaches a tuition grant for their educational studies as their parents’ small business was deeply impacted by the Covid 19 Pandemic pandemic.

Teamed up with the Cathleen McFarlane foundation to provide food deliveries to families impacted during the Covid-19 pandemic

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