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I’ve always wanted to find a way to be of service. My mother, Candace Tamposi, was an educator for over thirty years and the principal of my elementary and middle school. She always made sure that her school provided programs that had an emphasis on the arts. When budget cuts are made in a school district, arts are often the first go and specifically music programs.


Founded by Grammy-nominated songwriter, Ali Tamposi, the Creative Waves Foundation aims to support aspiring musicians in their pursuit of artistic fulfillment by harnessing the transformational power of music & music education. Creative Waves achieves this by helping to eliminate financial challenges young artists face so they can reach their full potential.

Since its inception in 2019, Creative Waves has:

Donated a music room to the Belle Glade Child Development Community Center for their new Enrichment Center that serves the impoverished, migrant-worker, sugarcane community.

Provided financial support to Cristo Rey Schools by underwriting an alum, Isis Ferreira, who recently completed her educational studies at Barry University and will be bringing her teaching talents back to Cristo Rey High School.

Gifted members of Young Singers Palm Beaches a tuition grant for their educational studies as their parents’ small business was deeply impacted by the Covid 19 Pandemic pandemic.

Teamed up with the Cathleen McFarlane foundation to provide food deliveries to families impacted during the Covid-19 pandemic

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See Our Programs and Grants Page for more information on Creative Waves’ Impact projects...

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